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Sherman is the alter ego of the Belgian singersongwriter Steven Bossuyt. Starting off with just the need to fulfill his urge to write songs, Sherman ended up recording some demos with good friend, and now drummer of the band, David Demeyere.

After playing several live solo shows in both Belgium and the UK, Sherman decided to take it to another level and moved to London, where he rented a 12 square meter flat and served coffee in a bakery/coffeeshop in Hampstead. After hours he kept on writing songs and playing solo shows at several venues all over town, from 'Enterprise' and 'Dublin Castle' in Camden to 'Spice of life' in Soho and 'Powers bar' in Kilburn. After trying every new song he wrote in front of a live audience and receiving a good response, plans were made to record a single. First single 'On your side' was produced by EMI Publishing-signed multi talent Jeroen Swinnen and was released online. ‘On your side’ was picked up by BBC radio and to support it Sherman was asked to do an acoustic session on BBC Radio 2's Janice Long show.

In the course of 2011 two more singles are released and welcomed by a great deal of airplay:  ‘Days Go By’ in the summer, ‘One Way Town’ in the fall. On the live end Sherman enjoys a full summer schedule, showcasing his talent as a full band at numerous Belgian festivals.Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Sherman recorded a full album with Jeroen Swinnen as producer.

The result of their cooperation is 'Rise' (2012), a ‘mature’ indie album with the kind of catchy pop songs that we already know Sherman for, but with arrangements that are kept more original and more transparent and with a like-wise sparse production. In times of excess, simplicity should rule. That’s what Sherman is about. From the heart, to the heart.


Steven Bossuyt (vocals, keys, guitar)

David Demeyere (drums)

Timothy Jacobs (bass)

Gerben Hemelsoen (guitar)

Willem De Deygere (guitar)